At Asante, our priority is to ensure that your dream of the perfect African vacation is realised – down to the very last detail.


We tailor make every voyage according to your personal preference. All the desired aspects of your trip are considered, fine-tuned and packaged to suit your every need. Whether it’s a wish for wide open spaces, astonishing wildlife, handpicked exquisite locations or the sights and sounds of the bright and bustling African cities, we carefully select fine accommodation or tented camping in the wild with discreet and dedicated guides.


All you need to do is trust our expert team of Africa enthusiasts, who are passionate about excellence, client experience and sharing everything that is vibrant, exquisite and beautiful on this wonderful continent.


“In my Afrikan dream, there’s a new tomorrow. My Afrikan dream is a dream that we can follow.”

Vicki Sampson,  My Afrikan dream

Thoughtful, creative boutique planning


Our clients receive personalised one-on-one guidance from our travel experts, who blend first-hand destination knowledge and creative experiences to tailor to your passions, interests and energy levels to create a boutique vacation.

We take you where you want to be: in the center of rare wildlife and cultural encounters, alongside renowned conservationist guides and front row seats at the most spectacular views you will ever experience.

Travel experts with unbiased recommendations


Our team of luxury travel planners recognise the importance of planning a vacation with a trusted expert who understands how you think and what you want to achieve.

Regarded in the industry for their straightforward recommendations, our team’s unbiased recommendations are valued and appreciated.

Fresh, of-the-minute destination knowledge


We vet the unique experiences, discover the secret gems and visit all the local spots that make a place truly special and then apply our knowledge to create travel itineraries filled with experiences you will not find elsewhere.

Our skills go beyond the recommendation of trending hotels and expert guides – we transform logistically complicated itineraries into seamless ones, recommend lesser-known routes and exclusive tours.

Peace of mind and support


Our team’s work does not end once you get on your first plane – our well-oiled in-house operations team work behind the scenes to ensure that wherever you are, we’re hands on to ensure that you enjoy a worry-free vacation and have the time of your life.

Our Roots


“When the root is deep, there is no need to fear the wind” – African Proverb

Descending from a long line of pioneers with adventurous spirits, Asante founder, Zephné Weston (neé Du Plessis) hails from multiple generations of adventurers on African soil.


The beginning of the adventure

It all started with Dr Jean Pierre du Plessis who fled from France as a religious refugee.  The Huguenots were French Protestants who were members of the Calvinist Reformed Church that was established in 1550.


The first Huguenots arrived as early as 1671, when the first Huguenot refugee, Francois Villion (later Viljoen), arrived at the Cape. By 1692, a total of 201 French Huguenots had settled at the Cape of Good Hope.


The Du Plessis family settled in the Karoo and fast forward to today, have been farming in the area for three generations.


On Zephne’s mother’s side, Pieter “Den Deen” Erasmus took a brave journey in 1963 from the Netherlands to settle in the Cape. Governer Willem Adriaan van der Stel granted Erasmus the farm De Groenenbergh in Wagenmakersvallei where Erasmus paved the way for what today thrives as green-stretching vineyards. As the progenitor of the Erasmus family of South Africa, his legacy continues to thrive in his descendants who are still crafting wine in this region to this very day.



Deep roots


With roots dug deep in the soil of Africa, Zephné, from a modest, farming family, believed that travelling the world was just a child’s fantasy.  Inspired by her English teacher, who travelled the world, but returned to the tiny farming community in the Karoo to retell story after amazing story to Zephné and her friends about the amazing sights and adventures of London, Paris, the United States of America, Egypt and other African countries, Zephné dreamt about experiencing these adventures for herself.


At the age of 18, after having saved sufficient money from working in restaurants, she bought a one-way ticket to London.  With a back-pack, a working visa and 43 British Pounds, our young adventurer set off on the journey of a lifetime.

Zephné managed to travel across Europe and parts of the United States until her two year working visa expired and she had to return to South Africa.  Luckily, fortune favours the brave and young Zephné was given the opportunity to move to Cancun, Mexico where she worked in the hotel industry and later as Mexico Manager and Product Contracting Manager for The Mark Travel Corporation (now part of Apple Vacations). In 2006, the heartbeat of Africa called Zephné back to her origins.  After seeing the world, she wanted the world to see Africa.


“I want everyone to experience this beautiful continent in a meaningful and authentic way. To take care of the environment. To understand the circle of life. In Africa, time can stand still. Here, you can connect with nature, yourself, your loved ones, your children in a way you are not able to do anywhere else. Here, is where man and planet can become one and be grateful to each other, protect each other and teach us the most beautiful lessons. Africa changes us and I feel that when you come to Africa, you take a part of it back with you and once you’ve tasted it, you always want to come back here.”

Our Team

We believe in life altering experiences. We are passionate about the roads less travelled. We know and understand the world you’ll be meeting and we’re with you on every step of your new and wonderous adventure.


We are dreamers, adventurers, visionaries and trusted travel experts. We transform logistically difficult itineraries involving lesser known routes into seamless travel experiences. We work behind the scenes during your trip, ensuring that your comfort continues throughout your time in Africa.


During the entire co-ordination of your perfect African experience, we are fully committed to the conservation and sustainability of the African wilds and wildlife and we take pride in ensuring that the ever-decreasing delicate balance between civilisation and the wild remains a priority, for future generations to enjoy.


We’ll take you on an adventure that will blow your mind. Africa will expand your heart.

Meet the Team

Zephne Weston
Founder, South Africa

Candice Foster
Travel Ambassador, Mexico

Solly Levi
Photographic Guide and photo editing coach, UK

Ida Sonnekus
Financial Manager, South Africa

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