What to look forward to?

If you are looking for perfection on a beach holiday, Africa offers a range of truly beautiful destinations with secluded silver or gold fine-sanded beaches, sparkling clear waters, deep blueskies, golden sunshine and gently swaying palm trees. If you are a water sport enthusiast or wanting more than a hammock and the enjoyment of well-deserved quiet time, there is a wonderful selection of other activities on offer, including fly boarding, free diving, jet skiing, kayaking, kitesurfing, parasailing, surfing, wake boarding, water skiing and underwater adventure

Asante’s hand-picked a selection of specialized accommodation options at magnificent coral reefs ensures that snorkelling and scuba diving are never far away. From the magnificent Indian OceanIslands like Maldives, to Lake Malawi, we have you covered. Nature lovers can not only enjoy the massive explosions of brightly coloured fish, but also watch turtles nesting, whales calving and evenhave opportunities to swim with dolphins.

Beach holidays can be a perfect wind-down ending for busy travellers who have been on safari or exploring new cultures. Our team at Asante will, according to our pledge, create your very own package, customized down to the last detail.

Indulgent and luxurious ocean therapy 

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