Land of the elephant | 5 reasons to visit Botswana

Land of the elephant

Five reasons to visit Botswana

Botswana, one of the prize gems of the African tourism industry, is characterised by its friendly people, endless starry skies and some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife and exotic sunsets.

Located in southern Africa, just north of South Africa, Botswana is bordered by South Africa, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe and is home to over 1.5 million people. Botswana is a politically stable country and most of the population enjoys a high standard of living. In fact, it has maintained one of the world’s highest economic growth rates since 1966.

Included in its rich and varied wildlife, Northern Botswana has one of the few remaining large populations of the endangered African wild dog.

We formulated 5 reasons to visit this diverse and exotic country, even though there are many, many more!

I. Safari wonderland

The annual transformation of the desert, as the water of the Okavongo Delta floods some fifteen thousand square kilometres of land, make for spectacular wildlife viewing. During this time, you will be treated to a viewing feast as a vast array of animals gather around the water: from zebras, to eland and springbok, through to elephants, crocodiles, rhinoceros and packs of lion.

The evocative mokoro trips – a traditional dugout canoe made from an ebony or sausage tree – largely take place in these shallow seasonal flood plains of the Okavango Delta as means of transport. What an amazing way to get close to the exquisite animals!

II. Elephants, elephants and more elephants

Apart from the 160 000 elephants resident in Botswana, some 40 000 migratory herds pass through the country – a total of approximately one third of the elephant population on earth.

While the Chobe river’s waterfront is the place to see large family herds, the Savuti is known as the domain of the large elephant bull. These lonely tusked giants float over the horizon or swagger around the dusty peripheries of small waterholes, drinking and moving off again. Chobe really is a “Land of Giants”, an ultimate destination for elephant-lovers.

III.Leaders in Ecotourism

Through a transition from consumptive to non-consumptive tourism and a country-wide hunting ban brought into effect in 2013, the visionary government of Botswana has led the way in making ecotourism work for both the communities and the wildlife in their shared environment.

IV.The privilege of intimacy

Botswana safaris offer near exclusivity and an outstanding overall guest experience, with a network of private ‘concessions’, and a handful of small, well-designed safari lodges.

Enjoy tailor-made unforgettable experiences with daily game activities led by knowledgeable, local guides who have been tracking animals in the bush for longer than they can remember. A sunset cruise on the river is perfect as the day cools down and the animals gather to chase down their last sip of water before the nocturnal predators awake from their daytime slumber.

V. Migrations

Every year in the summer months, two of Africa’s largest migrations of zebra and antelope take place across the salt pans of the Makgadikgadi National Park and Savuti, which borders the Delta to the west and Chobe National Park to the east.

Some zebras trek from as far away as the floodplains of Chobe near the Namibia–Botswana border, arriving in the Makgadikgadi area via Savute. This is a round trip of 500km, the longest of all recorded large mammal migrations in Africa. The most popular and well known location for viewing this beautiful spectacle is from Meno a Kwena camp situated along the Boteti River on the western boundary of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park.


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