Culinary Quests

What to look forward to?

One of the great pleasures of life! Whether you are a connoisseur, a would-be connoisseur or simply into indulging your tastebuds on every possible occasion, just the imagined aromas from our delectable selection of Food and Wine itineraries will have your mouth watering.

On offer in our gastronomic journeys, we have a selection of highly acclaimed restaurants and vineyards, cooking classes assembled under the watchful eyes of award-winning chefs, gin connoisseur tours, wine-tasting at the beautiful famed and acclaimed South African vineyards ,chocolate and wine pairing events, an eco-friendly Oenology Tour and Nobu Masterclasses with Sake pairings.

The choice is yours. Share you dream adventure with Asante, and we’ll create the reality for you according to your specifications and objectives.

Food and wine lovers’ dream destinations

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