What to look forward to?

Both travel and technology have helped to keep us informed of the many cultures on our planet. However, it’s a pleasure to know that there are still unique places to visit and people to see who canbroaden our knowledge of our cultural diversity

Asante has sought out and put together some itineraries for those interested in exploring andgetting to know different cultures on the African continent. They include educational walks through the desert with the San Bushmen in Botswana, visits to a Maasai village in Tanzania and World Heritage sites like the Great Zimbabwe National Monument with the ruins which bear testimony to the lost civilization of the Shona. There are also visits to the world’s largest collection of rock engravings in Namibia, and an excursion to the Stone Town in Zanzibar–a fine example of a Swahili coastal trading village which hasn’t changed much over the last two hundred years. The Zeitz MOCAA museum in South Africa is the world’s largest museum dedicated to contemporary art fromAfrica, and Asante experts have listed fine museums and the help of knowledge able people throughout the countries we cover, to expand your knowledge in your chosen field.

You have only to let us know of your specific interests. We will customise an itinerary specific to you,with every detail considered.

Exploration meets education

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