Family Adventures

What to look forward to?

We are now seeing a now seeing a huge new trend of parents, grandparents, children and even extended family members, prioritising spending time together and subsequently wanting to travel together. Responsibilities can be shared, everyone has a break and the shared experiences create lifelong memories. Whether your family is planning a celebratory birthday or anniversary vacation, or simply a reunion, everyone is considered and involved in the plannin

 Our experienced team at Asante understands the challenges of combining the adventurous needs of the young with the morelaid back options (and possibly mobility concerns) of the older generation. This is where we excel. Multigenerational travel carefully planned and correctly organized means that all family membershave their own space and enjoyment, combined with the pleasure of being part of a family.

Being regular safari travelers with children of their own, our staff have tried and tested various child-friendly accommodation options in South, East and West Africa. You need only to get in touch with us for some obligation free ideas to best suit your budget and your unique family.

Create beautiful memories together

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