Why you should visit Kenya

Resting in the magnificent Great Rift Valley on the east coast of Africa, Kenya is the destination of choice for sheer awe-inspiring travel.  An equatorial country, it has a most beautiful tropical coastline of silver-sanded beaches and sparkling, azure waters. For some, the perfect holiday is to while away the time soaking up the sun on the beaches of Mombasa. Some choose to go snorkelling at the Malindi Marine National Park with its exceptional array of tropical coral reefs. Some visit the country to experience the unique Kakamega Rainforest, or climb Mount Kenya.


The majority of visitors come for the unsurpassed thrill of the Kenyan Safari, with its natural beauty and world famous national parks. The focus of the majority of safari tours is to spot the Big 5, but there are also so many other species and awesome landscapes to thrill the visitors. Even off the beaten track, rolling savannah dotted with Maasai herds and wild animals, high Kikuyu moorlands grazed by cattle and sheep, and dense forests full of monkeys and birdsong, make for awesome experiences.


Whatever your preference, our Asante Team will help you plan your perfect holiday. Once you contact us and let us know the duration of your holiday and what your ideal holiday entails, we’ll create a tailor-made journey for you. At Asante, we are in the business of making your holiday dreams a reality.

When is the best time to visit

As good weather conditions vary across the country, there is no simple best time to visit Kenya. Visitors choose the most positive time to visit according to what they plan to do and see.


Safari expeditions are usually best between January and the end of March, when the climate is mild, mostly dry and game viewing is at its peak. Between July and October is the best time to see the Wildebeest Migration, but it is not always guaranteed that the wildebeest get to Masai Mara. Masai Mara is a year-round destination and there is always something to see. During the drier months of December to February, this is a good location and time to view the big cats.


For beach destinations, all year round is good, and if you are combining a beach holiday with other interests, our Asante team will gladly help you choose the best options. Asante is in the business of making sure your holiday dreams become a magical reality!

What to pack for your trip to Kenya?


In the major cities the dress code is conservative but not overly formal. Jeans and conservative shirts or tops are fine for women. Beachwear is acceptable for the beaches but it’s wise to cover up in more public places. For safari, lightweight soft-coloured casual clothing is advised, but we recommend layered clothing for early morning game drives, which can be removed as the sun warms the air.


Items to pack include khaki pants with zip-off legs, shorts, long pants, cotton and T-shirts, a windbreaker, and a warm sweater or fleece jacket for the cool nights or early dawns. As usual on your African trip, sunblock, sunhats (preferably tie-on), comfortable walking or tennis shoes and sandals are all necessities.


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