Multi-generational vacation | Explore Africa as a family

Explore Africa as a family:

why a multi-generational vacation is a must do

You want to go on an exquisite vacation.  An African destination that’s filled to the brim with all the fantastical things you have heard of.  Fire red sunsets over the rich, yellow savannas in Botswana.  Getting lost in thought while looking across the green vistas of Kenya.  Overwhelmed by the supreme majesty of a male lion, his splendid mane rustled by the wind.

And you want to share it with the ones that are dearest to your heart: your family.

Exploring Africa on a multi-generational vacation is the best way for you to connect and reconnect with your children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents.

Being as quiet as mice on a safari vehicle, watching the most magnificent creatures in their natural habitat and everyone catching their breath simultaneously at the first sight of a big cat or the incredible size of an elephant.

These are moments that cannot be bought.  These are connections made forever.  Memories etched together.

“At Asante Travel, multi-generational vacations are our forte. We specialise in tailoring the most wonderful experiences for the enjoyment of the whole family.” says Zephné Weston, Director and Founder.

“It’s the most special holiday – disconnecting from all the world’s noise and immersing yourself in nature, really connecting with everyone around you in a new way.”

Zephné continues “We get the most positive feedback from our clients.  They find it incredible to see how their children are taught to be conscious of the environment and how they learn to understand the big circle of life. Every organism, regardless of how big or how small, has its place and function.”

“When the children are given the choice of a vacation to any destination across the world, they choose to return to Africa.”

Here are just some of the elements we can include in your African adventure:

Alone time

We know that having your family with you is a special privilege, but you also need a holiday and some winding down time.  Be it a candle-lit dinner under the dazzling skies, a heavenly spa treatment or a private safari with sundowners at an isolated location.  We ensure that time is carved out especially for you.

Private and exclusive destinations

For larger families, we have access to the most exquisite private destinations in the most breath-taking locations, where your family has exclusive access to the entire home.  These luxury lodges can have anything from 3 to 10 rooms, perfect for exclusive use.

Here you will have your own child minders, ensuring that your children are occupied with interesting activities such learning how to bake cookies or make pasta from scratch. Some homes and lodges have play areas and others have an array of child-centered activities that are educational about the surrounds.

Imagine no set schedule or meal times and everything is customized according your needs, with the staff and amenities solely dedicated to your family.

Whether you’re little or tall, it’s all about the small comforts with customized home away from home service.  A new stuffed friend to remind them of the beautiful spotted giraffe they saw, miniature gowns or slippers for playing indoors or poolside. Mom’s favourite bubbly or a quiet place for a tween to chill.  It’s all taken care of.

Generation-specific activities

There is no place like Africa for a child. They’ll be making best friends with the game rangers, learning how to shoot with a bow and arrow and how to identify animal footprints.

Mom can indulge in a pedicure next to the pool, sipping a pink G&T.  Dad and grandpa can enjoy a morning on the ocean with a private boat.  The teenagers take off on an adventure walk.

It’s quite possible to keep everyone happy on a multi-generational vacation curated by Asante Travel!


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