What to look forward to?

Asante offers sports enthusiasts a number of exciting destinations where you and friends may spend time together playing your favourite sport at iconic locations, or sharing your passion as avid supporters. Your love of sport, as a spectator or participant provides the fun and excitement which keeps the adrenalin pumping.

Our sport itinerary offers tiger fishing on the Zambesi River, golfing at the top Links course in South Africa, participation in the Iron Man event, the ultra-marathon Namib Race in Namibia, the Cape Epic mountain biking event, swimming at the Midmar in KwaZulu Natal, the Dusi Canoe Marathonin Durban .. the list is extensive. If you are searching for an event or looking for something new to tackle, contact an experienced consultant at Asante and we will create a travel package containingall the necessary information and detail, and leaving the fun up to you!

The choice is yours. Share you dream adventure with Asante, and we’ll create the reality for youaccording to your specifications and objectives.

Push your limits on African soil

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