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What to look forward to?

The Asante team are delighted to be able to help their clients who enquire about range of special interests they may have. For example, photography aspirants may need advice on where capture thebest of wildlife on camera, or need guidance from a professional; some eco-tourists would like to explore the undisturbed rainforests in Sao Tome and Principe, making as little impact as possible. There are responsible travellers who want to be involved with activities supporting environmental sustainability and in order to raise awareness, may like to participate with vets and rangers in thedehorning of a rhino in the ongoing fight against poaching. Other travellers are interested in witnessing the Sardine Run of southern Africa, both from the sky and on the water

For those interested in anthropology, there are a number of excavation sites at South Africa’s Cradleof Humankind, where the first hominid was discovered, while astronomy lovers may visit Hart RAO in South Africa, home of space geodesy research, or SALT, the southern hemisphere’s largest singleoptical telescope.

If you have a special interest you want to pursue in Africa and are not quite sure how to go about it, Asante understand the logistics of making things happen. With our network of skilled people on the ground in various locations and our dedication to making your dreams a reality, you and Asante canco-create just that special experience you’re after.

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