Wellness Travel

What to look forward to?

For many years, wellness travel has consisted of indulgent pampering at a spa, detoxing, swimming and exercising. Currently however, wellness travel tends to be more personal, often involving aninward journey and focusses on replenishing body, mind and spirit.

Some people choose to learn from master teachers like Michelin star chefs, healers, doctors andeven Buddhist monksand religious gurus who fly in to guide individuals towards spiritual healing, healthier habits and skills to enrich their lives, allowing them to return home rested and rejuvenated.


There is still a need for body rejuvenation which could include a sugar or digital detox at first classspas which support their clients with nutrition, yoga and meditation, or silent retreats which allowfor quiet contemplation in magnificently beautiful surroundings. A pristine beach at the Maldives may be what you are looking for, or the enjoyment of organic farm-to-table culinary delights andspa treatments next to the Sabi River, overlooking a herd of elephants.

Warmth, peace and beauty are all basic prerequisites of well-being, and Asante is here to help youfind the precise holistic experience you need. Our website gives you just a few examples of what is possible. Once you contact us and let us know exactly what your dream wellness vacation, we will plan a tailored, obligation-free itinerary within the limits of your budget–very especially for YOU!

Replenish body, mind and spirit

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