Why you should visit Zambia

Zambia is a landlocked country in south-central Africa, offering visitors authentic African experiences of varied cultural activities, an abundance of indigenous wildlife and, for those who are inclined, a variety of adventure sports.


The country is mainly situated on what seems to be a never-ending plateau of about 1200 metres (3937 feet) above sea level, and its characteristic features include miombo woodlands, vast lakes and extended floodplains. Its most important river is the mighty Zambesi with its two major tributaries, the Kafue and the Luangwa which constitute rivers in their own right and define not only Zambia’s geography, but the rhythm of life for many of its people.


The country shares borders with several others; viz. Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi and Tanzania. It shares The Victoria Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in the world, with its neighbour Zimbabwe. Zambia, with a relatively low population for its size, has some of the wildest and most remote game areas on the continent and gives its visitors the feeling of being in undiscovered Africa.


We at Asante understand how getting back to nature in the wild and open spaces of Africa can be a rejuvenating and restorative experience, and we are here to help you plan every step of the way.

When is the best time to visit

The best time to go on safari in this country is during the dry season, May to September, when the wildlife congregates around rivers and waterholes. As the dirt roads can become impassable during the wet season, November to April, most parks and camps close down. The best time for bird-watching in Zambia is between November and March.


The best time to visit the mighty Victoria Falls is between May and September, when the Zambezi River is almost bursting its banks. The water level of the Falls is at its highest during May, and provide the most magnificent view from the air. Conversely, the Falls are almost dry in November and December, and look like a canyon, so not the best time to view. Heavy rainfall fills the Zambezi between January and May, and it can be difficult to view the Falls through the mists created by the falling water.

What to pack for your trip to Zambia?


Lightweight cotton or linen clothing is suitable throughout the
year, with a jacket for early winter mornings and evenings. Winter is mild and the days can be very hot.


On Safari trips, clothes should be neutral coloured, khaki, browns and greens, to help you blend in with the surroundings. Bright coloured clothing or busy patterns draw attention to you and frighten off the wildlife.


The wisest idea is to layer up for safari trips as early mornings can be cool, midday temperatures rise and nights get cool again. You can discard jerseys and jackets as the day warms up, and use them again when the late afternoon and evening cool.


As always in Africa, a sunhat, sunscreen and sunglasses are non-negotiable and must be worn.


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